ah yes, this is what those speakers looked like. sorta. what the hell I don't have them anymore. whatever.

oh hey is that someone in Jen's car? "Oh 3 hours ago when I saw that door open, I just thought someone left their door open to go get an ice scraper, I didn't realize...." Yeah. You didn't realize a CRIME was committed in front of your face. thanks alot. morons.

"did they catch who did this?" yeah right. they're laughing at me as we speak. enjoying my speakers. just great.


OK so this is even better. 11/25/02 After an awesome birthday weekend (my bday was 11/24, all you bastards that forgot to wish me a happy bday I hate you) I come back to school forgetting all about this stuff. But low and behold, the "SECURITY" guard here was riding in the elevator with me and I mentioned, "Hey you might want to be careful, my car got broken into Tuesday night" he was like, "really? I was here until 3am, I didn't see anything." Obviously. Thanks for keeping the place secure chief, I feel much safer now.

people saw my sh*t got stolen and laughed about it.

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11/20/02... WOW. So this morning I got a phone call at about 8:45am from my roommate. I decided to not bother getting out of bed because I figured she would eventually stop talking on the answering machine. Then, just as I'm drifting back to my dreams, I hear the words "JEN your car has been broken into." With that, I was up. I timed a new record for bolting out of bed and ran downstairs to find my driver's side door of my car wide open. My beloved 2 12" subwoofers were missing, the only reminiscing parts left were the wires that were cut where they were connected to my system. My backseat was pushed down, and my ceramics - which were stacked in a box in the back - were carefully and politely placed in the passengers seat in the front.


First of all, you can not see that I have (OH wait HAD) these speakers in my car. The back windshield is tinted, and the speakers were set in this custom made panel bullshit for awesome cars such as Camaros and Firebirds. They were also BLACK, so they were that much harder to see. The robber, bastard thief or thieves, took the trouble to place my ceramics in the front seat, steal those heavy ass speakers which are difficult as HELL to get from the backseat... (it would have been way easier to have broken my back windshield and stolen them that way) because there was only about 1/2 - 1 foot of room in the back.... and NOT CLOSE MY F*CKING DRIVERS SIDE DOOR? I mean, have some god damn courtesy. My battery could have died.

They also did not steal my brand new cd player valued about $150, or my Kenwood amplifier that probably cost a good amount of money too. Idiots. I never paid for my speakers anyways, they came with my car, and are like 8 years old. I still have 4 other speakers in my car. So joke is on you, stupid stealer.

There's also scuba diving equipment in the backseat that is worth around $400. But I guess that'd be hard to sell on the streets right? Not like you see people pimping out their cars with a set of scuba fins and mask.

And what the hell, why not take my ceramics that took me so long to make? They're porcelain, you know. I'm offended that my artwork was not stolen actually.

So the police come after about 45 minutes, and are just plain incompetent. The cop goes, "OH yeah, I saw your driver's side door wide open this morning when I started my shift, I just assumed someone was getting ready for work." Asshole. Also, about three other people in my apartment building came up to me and said, "You know... I saw your door open too..." WELL HEY! Thanks for noticing it was open, the car wasn't running, and my backseat was down with the speaker wires draped over the back. Wonderful. I have to give everyone an A for observation and a fucking F for FAILING to see anything SO strange about the situation that they don't report it to ANYONE.

I call the insurance company, since somehow my 1989 shitmobile has comprehension on it. They basically tell me, I am screwed if I don't have receipts for the speakers or custom made box for them to lay in. Whatever. Assholes. What's the point of insurance if they don't do shit anyways. Who saves receipts anyways.

So my day was ruined, and I decided to say fuck it to everything. I skipped my class (which my cool teacher was very understanding about) and went home to hang out with my stoner brother. Did I mention I hate everyone for today?

I mean, the biggest thing is that, I don't give a fuck about my speakers really. They could have stolen the hubcap from one of the rich ass cars in the parking lot next to me and it would have been worth more than my entire car, but no. Target the college kid who has no money anyways and music is just about only one of the most important things to me. Whoever did it, knows that my piece of shit car was hooked up. notice WAS. I hate you, bastard thieving worthless retard.