A little about myself....

AGE: 22

BIRTHDAY: Nov. 24th (I'm a Sagittarius, but if you want to get all technical I'm a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp... then again I bet barely anyone knows what the hell that is... so right on...)

STATS: single.

HEIGHT: 5'2 for real...height varies on how tall my shoes are



PHYSICAL FEATURE: I have only one dimple! And HUGE.... eyes. haha!! see for yourself

LOCATION: Kingwood, NJ (middle of nowhere, somewhere inbetween the corn fields)


EVER TRAVEL?: Hell yeah to London for spring break freshman year...and to Australia my second junior semester!! Also I picked up and flew out to LA in California Oct. of 2001, and have been up and down the east coast.

EDUCATION: Del Val High School; now I'm at Beaver College (Arcadia University, whatever) in Glenside, PA by Philly

OCCUPATION: I am getting a BFA in Ceramics / Art Education with a minor in Art Therapy; I'm going to get an MFA in Ceramics.

DREAM JOB: Well...to make ceramics all day by the ocean, travel all over, and get paid to do what I love..

INTERESTS: Yes I have lots of them!

FAVORITE MUSIC: I like anything pretty much; mostly alternative music, but whatever I feel like can be a range of different types.

FAVORITE BANDS: Incubus, Audiovent, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dashboard Confessional, Goldfinger, Deftones, Jets to Brazil, Sarah McLachlan...

FAVORITE SONG: "Good Enough" by Sarah McLachlan.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Studio54, Shawshank Redemption, Money Talks, Friday, Empire Records, Austin Powers, sooo many good movies...

FAVORITE ACTORS: Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Chris Tucker, Ryan Phillipe.

FAVORITE ACTRESS: Renee Zellweger, Claire Forlani

FAVORITE BOOK: anything by Christopher Pike or Michael Crichton. Actually The Celestine Prophecy is ranked up there too.

FAVORITE ART: anything painted of the ocean, waves of Teahupoo are awesome; Monet's painting of the bridge over water lilies...if anyone wants to win my heart that's the way get me a print of it!

FAVORITE SPORTS: Field hockey and softball; too bad art classes took up so much time at college b/c I couldn't keep playing

RELATIONSHIPS: Well I don't have an "ideal" kind of guy because I can't see myself not giving someone a chance because a guy doesn't fit into a specified category that I might have. I don't "only date jocks" or something stupid like that. As long as there's something real there and I can actually connect with someone I'll give it a go. I don't stay with anyone that is POSSESSIVE or that I can't talk about everything and anything to, and that's hard because I can usually get along with anyone. I don't give whatever I have with someone a title like "we're going out" because it puts expectations on everything; when you don't act up to how you're supposed to when you're "going out" that's when the problems begin.

Well that's about it for the basics; if there's anything else I've left out I haven't thought of it or remembered it yet. Feel free to write to my e-mail address to ask me anything, or sign my guestbook to let me know what you think of these pages I've been making. If you want anything of yours on here, just send it to me (pictures, whatever) and I'll put it on here!! So have fun going through my pages; I'm never done with them and always changing something, because there's always so many people and places that affect me in so many ways that I want to share them on here. My friends from highschool, you guys are awesome and we've had some great times. Beaver College people, I love you guys, I have definitely come out of my shell with you guys and you've all seen me go from being outgoing to just plain crazy...and everyone from Australia...you know who you are...you guys helped me to see things about myself I never would have found before!

I love everyone that's been there for me. And to everyone else I have met along the way... you all have touched my life in your own certain ways, and I have learned so much through meeting every person, it's incredible. These are my other pages...

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