Kelly, Ali and Heidi

This is Bret and me

this is Ali, Ari, Brian, me and Stuart...

this is Nick and Heidi with 4 beers...she did it once and I had to catch it on camera...that's Stuart lighting up his cigarette...

This is me, Chrissy, Beth, Kelly, and Erin...check out that chick in the background with the 2 cups of wine in her hand in the red dress. Right after that picture she proceeded to drop her glasses of wine from where she's holding them! ALL OVER CHRISSY AND ME! She didn't even apologize! Every time Chrissy and I see her we're like, "Hey you want some wine? Don't like wine? Just drop it all over me, PLEASE!!" LOVE THAT GIRL!

This is me, my neighbor Heidi, Beth, and Stuart

This is Jaime, me, Kelly, and Chrissy

Ari, Beth, Big John, Kelly, and Sebastian

There will be more to come soon!! :)

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