Dobs, Porto, and Mikey

This is the pretty much the same pic before with Ali, Ari, Brian, me and Stuart, just that all of us are doing something a little diff. than the last drunken one!!

Ari, Brian, Tim, John, Nick, and Sean and Chops up front!

Brian, Chris, Vinny, Doug, Kevin in front and Caleb in the way back!

Stuart tall and Brian

Stuart tall making out w/the cowboy and Caleb

this is Nick, Chops, and Tim at the pubcrawl!

Ari, Stuart, Tim and Krista

Brian, Jim, Sean, and this Australian guy we call Cowboy!

Ali, Ari, and Kelly

Caleb, Stuart tall and Stuart

CJ, Caleb, Brian, Jim, Sean, and Ari