Go Del Val!! Yeah to the dinky Terriers!

Hey guys...I know I took off all of the pictures from back in the day but I MISSED SEEING THEM and who knows if you've tried to see them too...so they're back. I miss everyone! Get in touch w/me before I go to Australia in January until April, or hey email me when I'm there at Jenyfer19@yahoo.com or im me on the aol instant messenger at Jenyfer1!
Here's Knapp on the bus, haha gotta love riding the kickass school bus!
It's me, Jamie, Meredith and Heather one night at one of Jamie's many parties
Becky and Mike at Heather's party
Bryan Bettinger back when he was a Freshman b4 he moved to AL!
Chris Chaft chillin' like a villian' haha
Chrissy and Bushy hanging out at Heather's!
Chrissy and Keith!
Pieloch and Seyfried
Heather and Blake from P-burg
The group of girls from Homecoming; Chrissy, Meghan, Jodi, Erika, Chelsea, Jamie, me, Vanessa (thanks for holding me up Vanessa, I couldn't have stayed up for this picture w/out you holding onto my drunk ass haha!), Heather, and Meredith
Jared from P-burg, me and Heather
Kos and me at Homecoming my Junior year
Mance and me at I forget who's house haha
Bry Bettinger and me together on the Delaware River bank during our infamous canoeing trip (I will not leave my ship Captain! Haha Chrissy and Keith remember that!)
Meghan with a case on her head at Jamie's, haha awesome
Nick Case and Candice passed the hell out at one of our SPC trips
Papa, Mike Reid (LENNY!) and me at St. Peter's
Bryan, Keith, and me right before Bryan moved pretty much
Homecoming my Senior year w/Wursty, Candice, and Lenny!
Wursty at his school St. Peter's
Erika and me in ID Science...HATED THAT CLASS!
Erika, Chelsea, and me Freshman year of fieldhockey
Gardner and Keith
Chelsea and me in homeroom Freshman year
Herrman and me in 8TH GRADE on our class trip to DC, haha!

This many people took a trip back in time! Allright!!!