Heidi, Erin, Maureen, me, Chrissy and Ali at Hard Rock on St. Patrick's Day

Clair, Jaime, me, Anne, Kelly, and in the front Krista and Beth on Power Hour/mudslding night

This is only a few of us who all went MUDSLIDING after power hour!

Anne, Beth, Ali, Chrissy and Sean in the back at Don's after BASIC

The guys; Sean, Caleb, Tim, Stuart, Dobs, Ari, Jim, Josh and Brian on the rugby field at BASIC

me and Kasey (TEXAS!!)

me, Ali, the owner of Valentino's, Maureen, Kelly, and Erin when we were at Valentino's for Ali's bday

This is Maureen, me, Krista, Rene, and Kelly at BASIC

Maureen and me on the rugby field at BASIC

Dobs, me, Heidi, and Ari