Anne, me, Ari, and Sean under the waterfall in the pool at our hotel

this is the pool and our hotel

Sean kissing a pitcher of frozen Margarita a guy gave us at Hog's Breath Cafe

Ari, Kelly, Anne, Krista, me and Sean
Us drunk on the bed after getting back from dinner

Ari and Sean singing Hotel California

Sean and his buddy singing Bye Bye bye

Us girls singing Cherish

Sean with one of the rainbow lorikeets

Sweet Kelly what the hell you doing buddy

We had an awesome time at the Whitsundays. Scotty, this guy from our hotel, sang some crazy ass song, gave us free pizza for dinner, hooked everyone up with the beer he had confiscated from our own room when we went to kereoke night(not allowed to have it or something), and also we can't forget Kelly getting sick on the boat ride with the huge ass waves. It was a great time with everyone.