Basin Lake


Baby Kangaroo

More Kangaroos

baby koala

The falls at Mt. Tambourine after the floods at school

The coolest picture I got back from skydiving

Well everyone...that's all of the pictures I managed to get onto here before I left Australia. It's kind of a goodbye from me to all of you...for the many good memories, the amazing nights (not to mention the many nights at Don's and Surfers), and for everything else I've been given from this incredible experience. Some of you I didn't get to really know, and I could say that I wish I had taken the opportunity to get to know you while we were there, but it's never too late to try. Some of you I had the chance to really bond with, and you guys that I shared everything with, as well as myself (you all know I don't open up easily), you made my trip everything it was. And I am so grateful for the friendships I have made while being here. I'll always remember everyone, and everything. Thanks guys. :-)