Dean and Katy... KATY you gotta wear BEADS on your head to be cool COME ON!! haha!

me and Anthony

me and Acri

me and Dean (damn I got in alot of pictures this night)

Katy and me playing beer pong, good thing she held our team up for that round

me and Trae

me and Tugger (hey is that a chair behind you... ha)

Jo and me before we got pretty sloshed

me and Josh, that's a cast on him I'm doing for my figure modeling project... haha buddy I feel so bad that I didn't do it right, I caused him SOOO much pain.. he may look happy but believe you me he was hurting, ha! let's hear it for Jen being an idiot.. it came out damn cool though, maybe just cause Josh has a hell of a body :P Thanks buddy