Scotty before he got pretty riptarded, although notice the permagrin going on

ok as you can tell, this is after about 10-12 shots in about the first hour, I think right now he's either A. calling Josh a pussy, 2. asking someone if "YOu want a piece of me?" or D. saying "bring it on!"

him taking the shots he's asking for... keep in mind they were all hard as hell, like the three wisemen going hunting, four horsemen (TWICE!), straight tequila, prairie fires, whatever... haha..

right, him asking me, "Who's the man!"

Trae showed up after Scotty's drunk phone call on his answering machine... Scott didn't last too much longer after he got there... also take note that Scotty is smoking, suddenly he's turned into the Marlboro Man

Josh and Hayden carrying the drunken 21 year old outta Chick's after he finally puked after his 21st shot... Scott is in no way able to walk either haha

Well the guys threw Scott in the back of Acri's car,as you can see he's not objecting

Josh and who knows messing around w/Scotty, even if he wanted to object I don't think he could haha.. there are more classic pics to be put up, I'll get them later on :oP