Josh and Scotty w/the 40's

me and Sammy

Josh and me

Scotty w/these crazy glasses that make lights look like snowflakes, yeah we were loving them for awhile

Ken and me

the guys all together

Jo, me and Carrie

me and Jo

Josh up on the table... I had to catch a picture of it

Joe and Scotty

Joe and Josh

Jeannine and me, it was her 21st bday tonight!

us girls; Marcie, Janice, Lindsay, Jeannine, Jolene, and me

Josh just loving the camera

yeah Ken and me getting down on the dance floor

Lindsay (the other bday girl) and Scotty

The guys once Bobby finally got there after work

Jolene, CJ and me doing it up... hell yeah baby, two girls all over you that ain't bad :oP

Josh helping Lindsay back after the bar, she definitely needed the help cause the girl couldn't stop laughing for anything haha... The night of the semi turned out pretty well, we had a blast, good times...