well, after only 4 of us went out for St. Patty's (Me, Josh, Bobby and Scott) we came out to find Bobby's car graced with this slogan hahaaa... that's Josh caught in the action of flinging snow on Bobby

Josh and Bobby in the middle of throwing snow on each other

Josh just having thrown snow in Bobby's ear, Bobby going "GOD DAMN" or something

Josh just having a good drunken time, take note it looks like he fell down, I forget if he did but probably

SOMEONE drew these pictures on Bobby's window in the back... I don't know who (nice work by us Scott) but, gee Bobby it says you like dick so... HA!

Josh doing what he has to do in our school parking lot, way to go

Josh sliding down the hill

Josh and Bobby

Scotty and Josh in the elevator, obviously very sober

not the best pic (prob. because Josh or Scott was taking it and not holding the camera steady) but Bobby and me

Josh, Bobby, me and Scotty

Josh, Scott and me back in the guy's room

Josh in yes just his boxers falling over the foosball table

Scotty showing off how he scraped his chin sliding down the hills