Update: 3/24/98

I just got back from visiting Beaver College; it's so close to Philly! I didn't realize it before but, hey, that's pretty cool for me I guess. Even though I was scared of the city up until I visited Jersey City 3 times to go to St. Peter's College with some friends. If I can deal with that place, I should be fine in Philly. The place is gorgeous; there is a 100 year old CASTLE that makes up a few dorms and the Admissions Office; they have Division 3 sports (field hockey for me!) so I can most likely play; it's only 45 miles from home. So given if I drive at my normal pace I could get there in 45 minutes.

I went to New Hope on the way home and got a palm reading; it is so weird; I'm freaked out right now. They said so much that was true; that I love the ocean and feel the most at home there; the next 4 years will determine my career; I didn't tell her I was 18 and I sure as hell don't look old. I'm supposed to meet someone with a J beginning their first, middle, or last name, and I don't know him yet. Hmmm...

College for me so far...

Well as of Feb. 28th I got accepted into Beaver College in Philly. I'm going to major in art therapy there; if you're wondering what the hell that is, it's a mix of psychology and art. People draw whatever they feel like drawing, and based on what they drew, every color, detail, and shape means something. It's a growing field in hospitals, prisons, and schools, and it'll make mad money too. I just want to be able to try to help people realize their problems in a different sort of way. I can't wait to go to school. I'm a little nervous, a little regretful that I'll be leaving high school, but very excited to start something new. In this field of study, I can work on my artwork on the side.

Well again I have to write something new. Now it's May, there's only about 20 days or so until I graduate, and my Senior prom is tomorrow night already! I'm not ready for all of this. I don't want to graduate; I want to keep coming to school with basically no responsibilites and doing almost whatever I want to. I mean graduating is great and all and we get to have mad parties afterwards for like weeks but still. There is too much responsibility for me to take over that I can't handle yet. Oh well.

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