During my sophomore summer, right after I had got home from a 2 week stay in L.B.I. my friend Chelsea Hewens asked me to go to Cape May with her for a week. The last time I had been there was when I was 8 with my family, and since I had loved it then I figured I'd love to go again. After 3 hours of driving time we got there and stayed in this awesome house in Cape May Point. It's the furthest point south of Cape May. We figured we'd try to find something to do that night along the town's paved boardwalk, and after about half an hour of walking we met a guy named Bean. I know, I didn't believe that was his name either, but that's what he's called. His name is Ricky. Anyway, first we met him, then the next night his cousin Bob. Chelsea and I had the best week ever down there, hanging out with those two. In a week we made some incredible memories that we'll never be able to forget. We kept in touch with them for a long time after that, for about a year. I talk to Bean still, and in January I went down there after a half-day of school. Crazy, I know, I went despite a Noreaster and having school the next day. But I guess when you want to see someone nothing is too much. The pictures above are the Cape May lighthouse and a sunset along the beach.

The summer of 96...this is Bean and me..

This is the ocean when it froze! I know, I thought it was weird too. It was so cold down there last winter when I went to visit Bean; we couldn't believe that the ocean actually froze.

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