Sex, love, and whatever else Quiz!

1. What fun a quiz about sex and love and other stuff! So to start out, let's get on the lovey dovey topic of love first...have you ever been in love?
Yes, I have
Maybe...I'm not sure
No...but I want to find love sometime
NO love is STUPID!

2. What do you think makes people fall in love with someone else? Is it their...
good looks
money (lots and lots of presents!)
Hooking up skills!!! Who the hell wants to love someone who sucks in bed!

3. Do you think love is important in life?
Yes love is wonderful and the utmost thing to experience...(sappy music plays now)
Yes it is important, but other things are kinda important too
I'm unsure of this question, and confused
NO love is a SHAM! Screw lots of random people you don't care about!! YEAH!

4. What if someone you loved cheated on you! Say they only kissed someone else...would you forgive them?
Yes, I love them, I'd forgive them completely
Yes... but I wouldn't trust them like I did before
I don't know, but I'd cheat on them too; if they get to kiss, I do too!
NO! That bastard cheated on me! Get out of my life forever you whore of a person!

5. Still on cheating...what if they did MORE than kiss but NOT have sex?
Yes I love them, I would still completely forgive them ( I love you snookums)
Yes, but now I really wouldn't trust them...
I still don't know but now I'd have a hell of a good time cheating on them!
NO! Now they're REALLY on my shit list...if I hit them with my car would it cause a dent...hmm....

6. And cheating again...What if the person you loved HAD SEX with someone else!
Yes I love them with all my heart. All is forgiven. Love is eternal no matter what. (You dumb dumb fool.)
Yes but I'd never trust them again
Who knows but I'd go out and boff too, get wild and crazy with my bad self, and say it was better than anyone I'd ever had!!
WHAT?!! They SLEPT with someone? Where is my shotgun...

7. And on to some sex! Would you have sex with someone you didn't love?
No never! Sex is only meant to be with someone you love with all your heart, it is sacred.
No...but that's not a bad idea...
Maybe, I'm not sure, depends on the situation
Oh hell yeah! Love is for losers! Screw everyone in sight!

8. Would you ever had sex with someone that you hardly knew? (For example, you met them at a party, you don't remember their name, but damn they look good...)
No sex is only meant to be with someone you love with all your heart, blah blah blah
No but that's also not a bad idea!
Maybe...I'd have to think about it and see what my conscience says
YEAH! I like to have sex with strangers!

9. What if you were propositioned to screw some millionaire for a million bucks for ONE night...would you do it?
NO! I value love and myself too much to engage in a night of sex for money!
No, I'd feel dirty
Maybe...they might be into quickies right?
Let's see...I want a Dodge Viper, a boat, a huge new house....

10. Do you think dating a stepbrother/stepsister is ok if you're in love?
Yes, love knows no boundaries
Yes but I think I'd hide it from everyone
Maybe...I have to think about this one
EWWW! Hell no! Well...if they have a nice ass I'd love to screw a few times for fun!

11. What do you think about the people on Jerry Springer?
They are all human too, I bet they've found love before, they are loving individuals
They are a little mentally unstable, but otherwise a part of the American culture just like you and me
They are inbred
They like to have lots of sex and cheat on people too! I like them!

12. Would you ever date someone just because they have money and would buy you things?
No, love is not based on material things
I'm not sure, but I'd be tempted to
Hmmm...would I get to choose my presents?
Right on find me this person NOW I will strip them down and have sex with them for a new car!

13. What do you think about Monica and Bill Clinton's little fling?
He is a BAD BAD MAN! He is MARRIED! Love should not do these things!
She's fat, he's old, it's not fun to think about
Hey people cheat every now and then, it's known in this's not so bad...
WOOHOO you go Monica and Bill! Get crazy and find new uses for cigars! You're my role models!

14. How old you do want to be when you get married?
It doesn't matter...I can be 10 or 20 or even 80, Love knows no age
I think I should be over the age of 18, and shouldn't until I'm really ready
Well if they're rich and can support me, I'll drop out of highschool...
Married? HELL NO! I am going to screw lots of people and be a slut for the rest of my life!

15. AND finally...last question...what do you think about using sex toys!
Love is pure, sex toys are not, therefore toys would be bad.
I'm not sure if I can let an unnatural thingy touch my thingy
Hmm how much do they cost...? I have to think about it
Sex toys are freaking cool! Less work for me!