ALRIGHT you finished my stupid quiz!! YEAH! That means that you want to know what the hell this whole dumb thing means right??

Ok well, since I'm obviously creative and an absolute whiz at how NOTHING makes sense, here's what your score means.

IF you got a score of:

0-15: Congratulations! You have no morals! And love sex like an ANIMAL! You obviously love sex, having it wherever, whenever, whether you love someone or not! YEAH you are like a typical college kid! Way to be you sex kitten! Only advice I have is that you someday (SOMEDAY not yet) settle down and look for someone that you might, just might, fall in love with. Hey sure they can like to boff just as much as you do too. Just try to see past their looks and that hot body of theirs, and search for a real personality to bond with. Now go out and get drunk and screw someone!

16-35: Well at least you aren't COMPLETELY into having sex with random people...or are you?! You have a sense of what love might be about, have a sense of what kind of fun sex is...and you just might like to get down and dirty and do NAUGHTY things. Hey, that's cool! You're at least a little more mature than the group below you who only got a score of 0-15! Have fun partying and dating and all that stuff, and tell someone about this test who you think would fall below you so you can laugh at how low they scored!

36-74: Alright, you are basically NORMAL (whatever that is!) You probably know what love is, and if you've had sex you've probably done it with someone you've loved. beat people below you, by ALOT if they're in the 0-15 range! HAHA! Laugh at them! They're stupid! You're not! YAY! Oh right anyway I'm supposed to be telling you how great and wonderful of a person you are for scoring in this range. You are great. Neat. Nice job. I'm proud of you!

IF YOU SCORED A 75!! YOU NEED TO LAY OFF THE SAPPY ROMANCE MOVIES! Actually, you've probably just found some kind of really special rare form of LOVE that none of us other idiots can find. You are lucky. Keep that person close to you. They must be one hell of a person to love, because DAMN I didn't score a 75 on my own test!! AND; you beat EVERYONE on this test! You are superior. Either that or just were too lazy to read the test. Either way, good job.

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